Driving The Customer Buying Cycle with Content - Infographic

Meet Your Customers Needs and Shorten the Buying Cycle

Offer useful, customer focused, content at each stage of the customer buying cycle to guide your prospects to: engage with your company, purchase your product or service, and become customers for life.

Fuel the Customer Buying Cycle With the Right Kind of Content

The right kind of content depends on where a prospect is in the buying cycle: awareness, interest, consideration, purchase intent, and loyalty.  Focus on solving customer problems and building trust with useful information at every touch point. Your customers will reward you with their loyalty and referrals. related post

What Content Drives Customers Forward In the Buying Cycle?

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Infographic that maps content to phases of the buying cycle

Offer customer-focused content at each stage of the buying cycle to build trust, increase fans, and ultimately boost revenue.

For More Information

Check out my related post for specifics on the customer buying cycle and how focused content can create a conversation that helps customers and drives revenue for your company or clients.

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  1. December 1, 2014

    […] has been finding and generating enough content to support the customer journey at each stage of the buying cycle. The solution is collaboration between marketing and technical communicators: marketers and […]

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