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“I could not have done these projects without the Kaia Comm team. You guys stepped up for me. I really appreciate it.”
—Vicki R, marketing program manager at a multinational company

7 Keys to a Proven Content Creation Process

We all know that planning is important: You’ve gotten to know your audience, developed target personas, curated existing content, and documented a great content strategy to engage your audience. When you’re ready to start producing content, a well-defined, proven,  content creation process can keep you from getting bogged down while creating the next article, blog, […]

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Why Content Is the New King of SEO

Remember the days of hunting down quality backlinks and peppering the home page with a certain set of keywords, all in an attempt to attain that elusive top ranking in Google? While these aspects of SEO are still important, SEO has gotten much more sophisticated. Backlinks can backfire, and Google has gotten much more clever […]

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Is DITA Right for Content Marketing?

DITA has gained widespread adoption in the technical documentation world. DITA adoption has lagged in content marketing groups, but I believe that’s going to change because the benefits can be significant and getting started in DITA is getting easier. DITA has the largest membership of any OASIS technical committee; this active DITA community means help is available if you need it. Also, OASIS members are developing a specification for a lightweight DITA architecture to simplify DITA implementation and boost adoption.

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How Technical Content Boosts Sales and Customer Loyalty

Increasingly, technical content feeds top-of-the-funnel activities through organic traffic to company websites. Some companies report that documentation brings in over 50 percent of their qualified leads (“The Evolution of User Manuals,” Forbes).

The lines are blurring between marketing and technical content, between pre-sales and post-sales content. It’s all pre-sales content, instantly available to our prospects and customers.

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eNurture in the Buying Cycle: How to Engage Customers and Drive Revenue with Content

Offer useful content at each stage of the buying cycle to guide your prospects to: engage with your company, purchase your product or service, and become customers for life. Keep your focus on solving customer problems, alleviating their pain, and building their trust with useful information at every touch point. You will convert more leads to customers and your customers will reward you with their loyalty and referrals.

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Driving The Customer Buying Cycle with Content – Infographic

Meet Your Customers Needs and Shorten the Buying Cycle Offer useful, customer focused, content at each stage of the customer buying cycle to guide your prospects to: engage with your company, purchase your product or service, and become customers for life. Fuel the Customer Buying Cycle With the Right Kind of Content The right kind […]

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Love Your Audience – A Best Practice

“Always make the audience suffer as much as possible,” said Alfred Hitchcock. This advice works, if your audience loves horror. Every successful written communication starts with the audience in mind. This sounds trite and obvious, but it’s surprisingly overlooked in many business communications. If you want to make the most out of your content investments, […]

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Getting More Value from Your Content Investments

Over a cup of coffee, I recently met a marketing communications manager from a technology company in Portland, Oregon. Her company is growing rapidly. She has a limited budget and a small staff. I could see the dark circles under her eyes. She asked me, “How can I get more out of each content investment?” […]

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eNurture Success: Support the Customer Journey

A couple of years ago, we helped a client set up an electronic “nurture” (eNurture) campaign for lead generation—the first of its kind in this multinational corporation. We managed the content development and the editorial calendars for several campaigns. Afterward, we wrote a tutorial to help our client and his peers run their own eNurture […]

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