• Effective content inspires confidence
    in your brand

    and creates engagement that results in business value.

  • The customer is in controland the journey starts with information.

  • We specialize in communication
    about technology and contentthat gets results

  • Content with a purpose
    meets audiences wherever they are in their journey.


Content increases trust; trust increases customers

Content builds relationships. Effective content engages and informs your audience, helps solve problems, and builds loyalty and trust. Kaia Communications develops content that inspires confidence in your brand and creates engagement that results in business value.

We develop relevant information for each stage of your audience’s journey, from awareness to engagement. By re-purposing core messages through multiple channels in multiple formats, we can maximize your content investment and amplify your message exposure.

Partner with us to reach broader audiences for your ideas, products, and services.

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We all know that planning is important: You’ve gotten to know your audience, developed target personas, curated existing content, and documented a great content strategy to engage your audience. When you’re ready to start producing content, a well-defined, proven,  content creation process can keep you from getting bogged down while creating the next article, blog, […]

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The Science of Creating Memorable Content

By understanding why people forget, you can craft your content to increase the chances that it will be remembered. With your key messages and call to action in mind, think about your content in terms of three elements: attention, memory, and decision.

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