• Effective content inspires confidence
    in your brand

    and creates engagement that results in business value.

  • The customer is in controland the journey starts with information.

  • We specialize in communication
    about technology and contentthat gets results

  • Content with a purpose
    meets audiences wherever they are in their journey.


Content increases trust; trust increases customers

Content builds relationships. Effective content engages and informs your audience, helps solve problems, and builds loyalty and trust. Kaia Communications develops content that inspires confidence in your brand and creates engagement that results in business value.

We develop relevant information for each stage of your audience’s journey, from awareness to engagement. By re-purposing core messages through multiple channels in multiple formats, we can maximize your content investment and amplify your message exposure.

Partner with us to reach broader audiences for your ideas, products, and services.

What We Offer

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Program Management

Latest Posts

Love Your Audience – A Best Practice

“Always make the audience suffer as much as possible,” said Alfred Hitchcock. This advice works, if your audience loves horror. Every successful written communication starts with the audience in mind. This sounds trite and obvious, but it’s surprisingly overlooked in many business communications. If you want to make the most out of your content investments, […]

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Getting More Value from Your Content Investments

Over a cup of coffee, I recently met a marketing communications manager from a technology company in Portland, Oregon. Her company is growing rapidly. She has a limited budget and a small staff. I could see the dark circles under her eyes. She asked me, “How can I get more out of each content investment?” […]

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eNurture Success: Support the Customer Journey

A couple of years ago, we helped a client set up an electronic “nurture” (eNurture) campaign for lead generation—the first of its kind in this multinational corporation. We managed the content development and the editorial calendars for several campaigns. Afterward, we wrote a tutorial to help our client and his peers run their own eNurture […]

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